Forgive me for the Headline, I simply wanted to grab your attention to tell you of an amazing documentary I’ve recently seen called ‘HEAL’. I watched it on Itunes where it is a #1 Best Seller on Itunes Documentaries, but I believe it is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime where you can also purchase the DVD.

 I may have been late in discovering this as I believe it was available in the USA in late 2017, however, I feel it is experiencing a quantum rise in momentum right now as global consciousness shifts, creating a space for this uniquely profound testament, to the power available to all people to heal from within.

In the words of the Huffington Post….

“ At this time when disease is rampant, I urge all to experience this film and spread the word ‘

Director Kelly Noonan brought together some of the shiniest luminaries in the world of consciousness, personal development, healing and spirituality to take us on a voyage of discovery, where we learn that our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions play a massive role in creating our internal and external reality.

We hear from master teachers, leading scientists, and best-selling authors Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, Anita Moorjani, Dr Kelly Turner, Dr Joan Borysenko and many more, names which if you don’t yet recognise them, believe me, you will want to know.

The wisdom delivered by these global teachers reveals cutting edge scientific discoveries happening right now, which are transforming the conversation for what’s possible in creating spontaneous healing in cases of both acute and chronic illnesses and even what many would claim to be terminal cancer diagnoses.

The latest scientific evidence in epigenetics demonstrates that we are not limited by the pre-determined characteristics of our genetic inheritance, nor should we be held ransom by scary prognoses. The truth underlying these limiting beliefs is that we have control over our health beyond anything we have formerly imagined, that the body is a miraculous natural creation with innate wisdom for self- regulation and healing.

Throughout the course of the documentary we follow three people dealing with extremely challenging illnesses and we chart their journey, learning through them what works, what doesn’t work and why. This adds the vital personal element to the documentary as we share the highs and lows of their healing journeys.

Kelly Noonan Gores is quoted as saying that she considers this feature documentary to be her greatest passion and her life’s work and I feel certain that it impacts in time, may very well prove to be her greatest legacy, as it is changing perceptions for what’s possible in modern medicine.

” We are living in an epidemic of fear and stress. I wanted to shine a light on our bodies brilliant capacity for healing, but also present the scientific evidence proving our beliefs, thoughts, emotions have a direct and profound influence on our genetic expression. The intention behind HEAL is to inspire, empower and inform” said Kelly. It certainly achieves this.

What I would say is that HEAL is not solely for people dealing with an illness but a fascinating insight into the limitless power of the human body-mind for optimal function, healing, manifestation and wellbeing. It’s an education for living healthy and an invitation to explore the latent potentialities of our minds to manifest our physical reality.

While this is by no means a new conversation for me, I loved finding all of these amazing people speaking on this topic in one documentary, bringing their own personal interpretation to this current global paradigm shift. I immediately wanted to know more and followed up on some of the content to dig in more deeply to the results behind the latest research.

 I may well write further on this in a subsequent article, but in the meantime, do yourself a favour and watch this now. Merely tuning into this documentary can potentially shift your beliefs beyond what you think you know, and if you can’t use that information personally just now, there is guaranteed to be someone special in your life, who can. Pass it on!

‘HEAL ….Change Your Mind, Change Your Body, Change Your Life!’